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Twee Horn Sidewalk Chalk

Twee Horn Sidewalk Chalk


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An artist, maker, and Philadelphia preschool teacher, Kate Leibrand is the creative force behind TWEE - a company specializing in handmade, small batch, sidewalk chalk.

The name TWEE stems from Kate's art school critiques; after repeatedly being told her work was too “twee” or “cute” Kate began to wonder - What was so wrong with that? Instead of changing her aesthetic, Kate embraced it.

All TWEE products are designed to perfectly fit little ones’ hands, helping to increase a child’s grip strength and fine motor skills while encouraging creative play and imaginative making.

Narwhal horns:

  • Includes three sidewalk chalk horns: one blue ombre horn, one turquoise ombre horn, and one silver and glitter-coated white chalk horn
  • Each horn is 3.5 inches in height and about 1.75 inches in diameter

Petit Macaron:

  • Includes six sidewalk chalk macarons in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple (pink, yellow and blue have glitter between the wafers).
  • Each macaron is 1.5" in diameter and about 0.5" thick


  • Includes: Four sidewalk chalk pizza slices: two yellow & two orange chalks, decorated with toppings and glitter crust
  • Dimensions: Each slice is 3.5 inches in height & approximately 0.5 inches thick

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