Wet Bags - For more than just dirty diapers

Wet Bags - For more than just dirty diapers

Those of us who cloth diaper, know the value of a wet bag or multiple wet bags.  They are great for storing dirty cloth diapers while out and about.  And we typically suggest you have at least two, so while one is in the wash the other is in use.  I must confess that I had at least 6 wet bags in rotation when my son was in cloth diapers.  Different sized wet bags for different needs.  I had a large double wet bag for when my son went to mothers day out, to collect a whole days worth of cloth diapers, and I had medium sized wet bags for short trips out, and then small ones for carrying wet cloth wipes for wiping dirty bottoms (and faces!).

But over the years I have found so many more uses for wet bags.  Here are just a few.

At the pool or the beach: Wet bags are great for carrying around wet swim suits and damp towels.  

Make up Bag: Smaller wet bags make perfect makeup bags.  

Kitchen Wipes Bag:  I use cloth wash cloths for cleaning the kitchen, but my laundry is downstairs, so I have a small kangacare wet bag hanging from a cabinet handle to put the dirty cloths in, and take them down to the laundry when it is full.

Gym Supplies:  A mother of a gymnast told me that wet bags are great for carrying around gym supplies.  From hair ties to the specialist gear needed for various gym activities.

Toiletry Bags for Travel:  Recently I travelled across the world, and my shampoos etc were all neatly contained in my suitcase within wet bags.  I had more than one, so I was better organized.  I also organized other small items in my suitcase with wet bags.

Toy Bag:  Great for transporting toys in the car or the diaper bag.  Easily find a toy to entertain your little one by keeping them in wet bags.

Car Trash Bag: Wet bags make a great reusable trash bag in the car.  Easy to wash when they get dirty.

Cloth Menstrual Pad Storage:  Use one wet bag to keep clean ones discretely in your hand bag, and another to put the soiled ones into.

First Aid Bag: Make up a first aid kit for your diaper bag. Put those first aid essentials into a wet bag.  Or just keep it in the car ready for boo boos while out and about.

Dirty Clothes Hamper: A large wet bag can be a great way to contain dirty clothes in the bathroom or bedroom or while travelling. 

Breast Pump Bag: A wet bag is a great way to corral your breast pump supplies.

Do you have a unique or different use for your wet bags?  We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

This article was written by Sharni, mother of 4, 3 of whom were cloth diapered.

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