Collection: Service Payments & Renewals

Diaper Service Payment Portal

1)  Select on the length of time you would like to purchase 

2)  Choose the level of service you are currently using by toggling the arrow and the drop down box will appear with the different options.  If you aren't sure which option you currently have, check your bag tag and it should be marked. 

*  If you want to make a change to your service level (ie. move from Prefolds to Fitteds service) please make sure to email so we make sure you receive the correct diapers).

* If you have the Wipes and Wet Bag add on, be sure to add it to your cart as well.  Make sure you have the appropriate amount of time to match your package.

3)  Shop for any other items you wish on our website and check out as you normally would.  We deliver your items with your diaper service diapers for free.

4)  Be sure to bookmark this page as this page doesn't appear in the search function or on the menu. 

If you wish to PAUSE service, please fill in our Pause Service Form.

If you wish to change your diaper sizes, please fill in our Size Change Form.