Buyback Guidelines

Do you have diapers your child has outgrown, or diapers in great condition that you’re not using?  Consider our Buy Back program or make a donation to give your gently used diapers a new life in someone else’s stash!  We accept gently used diapers/accessories in very good condition for buyback at 20%-40% of the current retail price. Please note: Diaper Lab issues store credit only for used diapers, not cash.  Gently used diapers brought in for buyback credit and/or donation MUST:

• Be CLEAN, dry and free of all odors and stains
• Have intact PUL (waterproofing) free of cracks or holes
• Have working elastic, snaps, and/or Velcro
• Come with all accompanying absorbent inserts
• Be free of all diaper rash cream and detergent residue
• Be free of all pet hair, lint, moths, etc.

Approximate Store Credit Issued (each):

• Prefolds/Flats $.25 - $1.00
• AIOs, Pockets & Fitteds $2.00 - $9.00
• Wool Covers $6.00 - $15.00
• Inserts/Doublers $.25 - $2.00
• Wetbags & Pail Liners $3.00 - $8.00
• Snappis/Boingos $.75 - $1.00

Most major cloth diaper brands accepted. WAHM/customs may be accepted at our discretion. China cheapies such as Alvas, SunBaby, ebay brands, etc. are NOT accepted for buy back but in good condition may be donated. Please remember that all credit issued is dependent upon condition, demand, and current retail price.  Our program allows you the ease of selling your used diapers quickly in a single lot, without taking pictures, managing email responses, and dealing with shipping or no shows that can occur when
selling on your own.

Retrieval and Donations:

Please retrieve any unacceptable diapers within 48 hours of our appraisal.  Once appraised, diapers left over 7 days will become property of Diaper Lab and will be donated or sold.  We collect donations for two non-profit organizations, as well as our own Diaper Lab Cloth Diaper Bank, which gives diapers to families that may not otherwise be able to afford them:

  • Giving Diapers, Giving Hope

  • Share the Love

Terms and Availability of Buy Back services:

**Buy back is available during business hours and dependent upon staff availability.  If you have a large number of diapers for buyback appraisal or if staff are helping other customers during your visit, please expect that you may be asked to fill out a form and drop off your diapers. We will contact you when we have had a chance to review your diapers.

**Pricing is non-negotiable. We reserve the right to refuse appraisal of any diapers/accessories for any reason. Buy back form with our offer/pricing is property of Diaper Lab and will not be given to customer.