Cloth Diapers

We have more than a decade’s experience working with thousands of families, and we know cloth diapers inside and out. Along with the education and support you need to be successful in your cloth diaper journey, we are happy to offer a multitude of cloth diapering options for your convenience and cost savings!


Step 1: Start with an Intro to Cloth Diapers workshop. In a fast moving two hours, you will be up to speed on all of the modern cloth diaper style options, sizing, absorbency, accessories, laundry, and so much more! The vast majority of our customers start with a workshop and many have said it was one of the best parenting classes they have ever attended.  Our workshops are available in person at Bow Street or virtually via Zoom

If you can’t wait for the workshop to start learning, you can take a look at the our Cloth Diaper FAQs for a brief overview of diaper styles and other frequently asked questions. Or if the workshops don’t fit your calendar, reach out and we can schedule a one-on-one consult instead.  

Step 2: After the workshop, participants are able to sign up for a Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental. You provide the baby; we provide the diapers! Take the stress out of selecting just the right diapers for your newborn with our Newborn Diaper Rental service.  With just what you need for the first three months, it's an economical option to get your started with cloth diapers.

…or take advantage of our Premium Cloth Diaper Service (location-dependent). Expectant families as well as those with babies currently in diapers can choose from several different options for what style of diapers are included, and have them delivered to your door twice weekly.

Step 3: For those with older babies (3+ months), an Experiment to Own package is an easy and cost-effective way to see how cloth diapering will work for you! We want to be certain families find the cloth diapering solution which fits their baby and their lifestyle. With our Experiment to Own program you receive a selection of new diapers to try for two weeks to help find just the right styles.

 Step 4: Now that you’ve figured out which cloth diapers work best for your family, you can make a fully informed purchase! Take advantage of our bulk discounts on new fitteds, pockets, and all-in-ones, or browse our Gently Used section for the most economical options. Shop our curated selection of cloth diapers now!