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Catbird Baby Pikkolo Baby Carrier

Catbird Baby Pikkolo Baby Carrier

Catbird Baby

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Welcome to a totally unique babywearing experience!

The pikkolo carrier offers 4 versatile and ergonomic carrying positions. No infant insert is required and comes with memory foam shoulder straps, an adjustable base and so much more!

Get ready to fall in love with babywearing!

Fits most babies 8 lbs - 40 lbs

Wondering what makes the Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier different?

* NO infant insert required
* Memory foam in shoulder straps means straps are not bulky while still super-cushy & supportive
* Unique tapered shoulder strap shape is more comfortable when you back carry (less bulk under your arm)
* Dual adjustable buckles mean you never have to pull up & back to tighten your straps
* Adjustable base allows cinching the carrier width to perfectly fit baby & enables an ergonomic facing forward carry
* 4 carrying positions take you from the newborn stage to toddlerhood (8 lbs - 40 lbs)
* Attached sleeping hood tucks into its own pocket for storage
* Straps cross in an X on your back for a front carry for maximum comfort & ease of use

Deciding between a Mei Tai and a Pikkolo Carrier
The main differences are the straps and closures. Our mei tai has long fabric straps that are secured by tying them in a knot. Our pikkolo offers the convenience of shorter straps and buckles. Both the mei tai and pikkolo can be used in a front facing in, front facing out, hip, or back carrying position. Both are one size fits most, with the mei tai possibly fitting very petite or very large wearers slightly better.

Which carrier is for you is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer the feeling of wrapping their baby and others prefer the ease of buckles. Both carriers can be used with newborns and will last well into the toddler stage.

Caring for your Catbird Carrier
Spot cleaning is absolutely PREFERRED when cleaning your carrier. Use a wet cloth and blot - NOT rub - stains or spills. Only machine wash when absolutely necessary! We STRONGLY recommend infrequent machine washing because it accelerates wear on any cloth item.

If you do choose to machine wash the pikkolo, please secure all buckles before washing to reduce the chance of breakage. It is also useful to place carriers into a lingerie bag before placing in the washing machine. Then wash on a cold delicate cycle with a very small amount of mild detergent. Line dry. You may iron the mei tai on a cotton setting. You may iron the fabric portion only of the pikkolo, taking care to avoid touching the iron to any plastic part of webbing. Do not use bleach.

You may wash the winter covers on cold delicate and tumble dry low or line dry. Do not iron. The babywearing support belt may be washed on cold delicate. Line dry. Do not iron.

About Catbird Baby
Necessity is the mother of invention. Beth Warrell Leistensnider founded Catbird Baby in 2005 when she was planning to fly solo with her daughter and couldn’t figure out how to carry everything on and off the plane and to and from the hotel. She simply needed more hands. Fast forward several years and she is now considered a pioneer in the baby carrier industry and leader in both local and international babywearing circles.

“In the catbird seat” is an idiom that means in an advantageous or enviable position -- just as your baby is when they are in a carrier. Catbird Baby products put all babies and parents in an advantageous and enviable position by combining an ergonomic fit with unparalleled comfort and style.

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