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Experiment to Own Program

Experiment to Own Program

Diaper Lab

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Important: Please fill in the application form when purchasing this program.

Try out cloth diapers before you buy!

For a rental fee of $35, you try out eight brand new cloth diapers. If you are local you can come in and mix and match types, brands and prints. We ship this package to anywhere in the continental USA.  We have two packages.

Try it all -- 3 All in Ones, 2 Hybrid covers with 2 inserts, 1 Pocket, 1 Fitted and Cover, 1 Prefold and Cover and a Snappi

Deluxe -- 8 All in One diapers in a variety of brands and prints.

All packages include a regular sized Rumparooz Wet bag, Washing instructions and detergent samples.

When you complete your program, you return the diapers you did not like, and keep and buy the ones you did.

 If you purchase over $200, you will receive back the entire $35 fee as a credit. That means it cost you ZERO to try cloth diapers! At the end of two weeks we will call you to see what diapers you want to keep, and complete your order.

More information on the program can be found here.


And you can apply for the program here.



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