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Esembly Inner Fitted Diaper

Esembly Inner Fitted Diaper


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Esembly diapers are made up of two products: an absorbent Inner and a waterproof Outer.

Swaddle your baby in our soft, organic cotton Inner. This is the part of the diaper that provides the absorbency. To ensure its effectiveness, we’ve designed it with a uniquely layered core that maximizes thirstiness, while also allowing Washing Powder and water to penetrate deeply in the wash and decreasing time in the dryer.

Our Inners come in two sizes and are made to grow with your baby. The waist snaps allow for adjustments to accommodate expanding bellies, while the rippled core and stretchy elastic at the legs will expand as your babe gets taller.

Made responsibly in Pakistan.

SIZE: ONE (7–17 LBS)
SIZE: TWO (18–35 LBS)

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