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Family Talk - Parenting Book

Family Talk - Parenting Book


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How to Organize Family Meetings to Solve Problems and Strengthen Relationships

Christy Monson, a retired family therapist, provides in simple language concrete examples and clear language to family success through family councils.

While families are diverse and their needs are unique, a family council provides a safe and strong environment for every family to discuss issues and explore the best ways to have the family succeed. A family council is not just any meeting. It's a special event that provides a background and foundation to create healthy family synergy. Monson teaches families what a family council is and what it is not, why it’s a perfect environment for teaching, for exploring difficult issues, learning how to play, and how best to solve problems at home, school, or work. Monson also includes information for families with special needs.

Family councils are a great way to bring children and parents together in a positive environment where they can discuss and solve problems.

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