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Parenting: Muddling Through - Book

Parenting: Muddling Through - Book


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I didn’t realize that someone who had won a national liars contest five consecutive times could become a trusted author—especially a trusted author on parenting. But after listening to national storyteller Bil Lepp at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival last year I knew that he had something to say that would resonate with those raising children.

Bil published a book with us called Muddling Through: Perspectives on Parenting. The book is just that, an exploration of how a very wise and funny dad explores parenting, knowing that there is no owner’s manual and if there was he probably wouldn’t read it anyway; he just muddles through. But his muddling provides life-long principles that help parents succeed and families be happy.

Bil’s down-to-earth charm is accessible and he’s added asides to the kids in our lives—asides that help us realize that our own children are far smarter than we give them credit for.

We are proud to publish Muddling Through: Perspectives on Parenting, and we hope that you, as a member of the Familius Family, will share this new book with your own circle of influence.

And did we mention that as we write this, it's hit number 4 on Amazon for books on Fatherhood?!

Muddling through, one book at a time.

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