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Oh Baby Mom's Self Care Guide - Parenting Book

Oh Baby Mom's Self Care Guide - Parenting Book


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Because Moms Need a Little TLC, too!

You read all the birthing books, took the Lamaze classes, and made it through labor (mostly) unscathed, but now the baby is home—and it’s a whole new ballgame!

There are plenty of books and resources about how to properly care for your new baby, but what about caring for yourself? Maria Lianos-Carbone, founder of, outlines the “proper care and feeding” of mothers during their baby’s first year. From the physical and emotional changes a new mom will undergo to rekindling intimacy with her partner, Oh Baby! Mom’s Survival Guide for the First Year keeps the focus on moms—because you can’t draw water (or breastmilk, for that matter) from an empty well.

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