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GroVia Soaker Pad Sets

GroVia Soaker Pad Sets


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To Use
Simply snap your GroVia™ Pad into your GroVia™ Shell. When wet unsnap and replace with a fresh GroVia™ Pad. If soiled, place both Pad and Shell into diaper pail and start with a new set!

• Less waste in our landfills
• Save hundreds of dollars each year
• Healthier for baby
• Less diaper rash
• No Dioxins

Inner Body: 100% Microfiber Terry topped with 100% Polyester Microfleece
Leg Gussets: 100% Polyester
Outer: 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU

Care & Use
Wash once before first use.

General Washing
• Remove as much solid matter as possible
• Place soiled soaker pads in a dry diaper pail
• No soaking necessary
• Wash every 2 days on warm with full recommended amount of detergent
• Tumble dry
• Bleach or oxygen bleach when necessary
• No fabric softeners

**TIP: Because microfiber terry is such an absorbent fabric it is important to make sure your No Prep Soaker Pads are getting clean by using enough detergent and a full wash cycle. If you start to experience an "unclean" smell from your No Prep Soaker Pads you may add 1/8c of chlorine or oxygen bleach to your wash cycle every 4-6 weeks. Make sure to do an extra rinse after bleaching.

The GroVia Warranty
GroVia is proud to provide the best quality products and craftsmanship in the diapering market. We do understand that there will be instances of workmanship that may not be satisfactory to our customers. When GroVia products have been properly cared for, we will warranty them for up to one year from the date of purchase. The GroVia Guarantee includes: the snaps, lining, elastic and waterproofing.
 This warranty does not cover fit and sizing, leaking, diaper odor or normal wear and tear.

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