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Healing Hazel Bead/Hazel Necklace

Healing Hazel Bead/Hazel Necklace

Healing Hazel

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Hazel, also known in Latin as Corylus L. is a tree that belongs to the Betulaceae family. It’s a relatively good sized tree that does not exceed eight feet at maturity. If you were wondering, it’s indeed in this tree that grow hazelnuts!

Hazel grows in a territory which extends over a large part of North America, South Africa, Canada and Georgia to California. Obviously, we work with Quebec producers for the picking, mainly with individuals in Saguenay, Eastern Townships and Mauricie, from whom we buy our raw and high quality materials.

Hazel has an important role in the ecological balance of the country as it provides food sought by animals such as deers, squirrels, birds, beavers and other wildlife. In addition, this tree can be planted as a protective hedge around the fields. Since hazel provides an abundance of hazelnuts that feed animals harming the fields or orchards, several producers benefit to plant it.

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