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Kanga Care Silicone & Wood Paci Clip

Kanga Care Silicone & Wood Paci Clip


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The Kanga Care Pacifier Clip is a must have for every parent’s diaper bag! Available in 6 styles, this pacifier clip universally attaches to any pacifier, or teething ring, preventing your little one from dropping it on the ground or out of reach. Easily attach to baby’s clothing with the smooth and modern design.

  • Beads are permanently attached to the clip.
  • Silicone beads are made of premium quality 100% food grade silicone, 100% non toxic, odorless, BPA free, and lead free.
  • Wooden beads are natural and eco friendly.
  • Nylon string is mold and mildew resistant.
  • Pacifier Clip measures 9.5" from tip of clip to end of loop

  • Do not use without full supervision.
  • Never attach to ribbons, cords, laces or loose parts of clothing which could become a choking hazard.
  • Kanga Care recommends only attaching the clip to clothing garments.
  • Inspect clip and silicone beads before every use and discard if damaged or beads come loose.
  • 3 ventilation holes compliant to stringent EU regulations.
  • Lead free and nickel free stainless-steel metal clip.
  • Plastic inserts secure grip while preventing damage to clothing.
  • Wipe-clean only; do not sterilize or submerge in water.
  • If wood finish dulls over time, lightly sand the surface to smooth with a fine-tooth sandpaper, then apply a 50/50 mixture of beeswax and food grade oil. Give treatment time to soak in, then wipe away any excess oil.
How to Attach
  • Pass the loop through a hole in the pacifier or the ring of a toy.
  • Put the wooden button/clip through the loop.
  • Pull the full length of the Paci Clip and silicone beads through the loop.
  • Tighten the slip knot down to secure the Paci Clip onto the pacifier or toy.
  • Reverse the Paci Clip through the loop to undo and remove.

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