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Potty Training Rental Program

Potty Training Rental Program

Diaper Lab

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 Diaper Lab’s Potty Training Rental Program

Potty training? Spending too much on disposable pull ups? Want to try a cloth option? This is a daytime solution that is great at home, and great at daycare.

Diaper Lab’s Potty Training Rental Program allows you to use cloth training pants without the commitment or investment.

What you get:

  • 15 pairs of trainers in the size of your child
  • 1 Rumparooz 3D wet bag
  • 1 Tips and Tricks handout
  • Washing handout


$50 for First month up front at time of registration.

Can be renewed for $40 per month additionally as needed. Monthly renewal notices will be sent via email and can be paid on our website.

When you return your Trainer Rental, you will receive a $10 store credit and an “I’m Potty Trained Now” certificate for your kiddo.


  • Extra Small 15-25 pounds
  • Small 25-35 pounds
  • Medium 35-45 pounds
  • Large 45-55 pounds
  • Extra Large 55-65 pounds


Do the trainers included work for nighttime?

For most toddlers, no. This program is intended for daytime training. Some toddlers may be able to use these at night with a doubler (purchased separately).

Are the trainers new?

No. The trainers are gently used. Sometimes it may be a mix of new and used depending on what is available at the time.

How do I wash them?

Wet trainers can be washed with the regular wash. While we do recommend the use of a cloth diaper friendly detergent it is not required.

Soiled trainers. Dump the solids, and rinse the trainer separately from the rest of the wash to remove any remaining solid matter, and then wash like normal.

Do I get to choose prints and brands?

No. We have kits ready to go. You can specify boyish or girlish prints and colors.

Do you ship?

Yes this program is available to anyone in the USA. A shipping charge of $10 will be charged. You are responsible for the fees to ship the items back.

How are they washed between customers?

We use the commercial machines from our diaper service to wash the trainers between customers. Our machines are the same as what hospitals use to sanitize linens.

What if I find the trainers do not fit?

Return your package for the next size up or down as needed.

What if I lose or damage the trainers?

Any trainers that are missing or returned in unsatisfactory condition will be charged to you at the full price of the item

Can I purchase the trainers from my rental?

Yes, it is possible to purchase any of the items from your rental for the gently used price. If you prefer to purchase any potty training items new from our store, you will receive a 10% discount.

How do I pay?

Pay for the initial purchase on our website or in store.

After the first month, about a week or so before the end of the month cycle we will send you a reminder email and you can pay on our renewal page on our website, or if you prefer you can pay in store.

How do I sign up?

You can fill out the application on our website here:

One of our staff members will then reach out to you via email with more details and a pick up date or ship date for your rental.

How do I start Potty Training?

Included in the rental will be a hand out with tips and tricks on beginning potty training with your little one. What’s important to remember is that these are TRAINING pants NOT diapers! So you need to treat them as training pants that will catch small accidents. If you treat them like absorbent diapers, then your child will treat them like diapers and it will defeat the purpose of potty training.

Register for the program and begin potty training in earnest when you have the trainers in hand. Set aside a time specifically when you and/or a partner will be available to spend time working on this with your child. It will take some effort and patience on your part and for your child. Having a positive and encouraging attitude will go a long way!


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