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Urban Baby Bonnets Bucket Hat - Retired Prints

Urban Baby Bonnets Bucket Hat - Retired Prints

Urban Baby Bonnets

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Looking for full-circle sun protection? Look NO FURTHER! Our bucket hats feature a big 'ole brim all the way around the hat! This offers your little one sun protection even on the back of the neck, where other hats may not. Perfect for pool and beach play, the Urban Baby Bucket will stay on (just like all of our other hats!) with the adjustable snap-strap. And unlike most bucket hats, ours is reversible! The snap straps pull through the hat so that you can strap it on snugly, while showing either side of the design.


XXS: 14" - 16"
XS: 16" - 17.25”
S: 17"-18.25"
M: 18"-19.25"
L: 19"-21.25"
XL: above 21.25"

Wash & Care The cap itself is machine washable, but may shrink if you do. if you're concerned about shrinkage, please hand wash in cold water. Stretch, re-shape, and line dry or dry flat. remove the ears (carefully) before laundering. Gently spot clean the ears using a mild detergent. Do NOT machine wash the ears!

About ub2 Urban Baby Bonnets UB2 is a woman-owned company and all of our products are handmade in the USA, hand sewn by work-at-home women in Ohio. We are committed to domestic production, social equity, and environmental sustainability. You’ll see these commitments in our manufacturing practices, our support of work-at-home women, and in our use of organic fabrics and minimal, environmentally responsible packaging.

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