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Urban Baby Bonnets Ski Bonnet - Retired Prints

Urban Baby Bonnets Ski Bonnet - Retired Prints

Urban Baby Bonnets

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The skiBonnet from Urban Baby Bonnets uses hip, mod fabrics and sleek polished styling to protect your little one from wind, cold, rain & snow! * Colorful, soft, warm, non-pill fleece lining * Reversible cotton outer shell * Adjustable chin strap with extra snaps (snaps mean the hat stays put) * Seamed brim supports the hat without stiffness (allows you to fold back brim as you like) * Discrete breastfeeding * Wearable in front- or rear-facing baby carriers Designed by a Mom Hand sewn in Ohio, USA medium: 18-19.25”, usually fits 12-24 months

Material Content shell: 100% cotton lining: 100% polyester anti-pill fleece

Sizing Measure your little one’s head circumference for the best fit. An Urban Baby Bonnet should fit your little one snugly on his or her head, comfortably under the chin (using one or two snaps), while still giving good coverage, shading the back and fully covering the ears all the way to the bottom of the ear lobes. If the straps are too short to fasten, then the bonnet is too small. extra extra small: 14" - 16" (approx preemie/nb - 3 mos) extra small: 16" - 17.25” (approx 3 mos - 6 mos) small: 17" - 18.25” (approx 6 mos - 12 mos) medium: 18" - 19.25” (approx 12 mos - 24 mos) large: 19" - 21.25” (approx 2t - 3t) extra large: 21” + (approx 3t - adult)

Wash & Care Your skiBonnet can be hand- or machine-washed. * Hand wash and line dry (or dry it flat). Reshape your bonnet after washing. * Machine wash on cold water. Machine dry on low. If you choose to machine wash and dry your bonnet, you'll get a bit more shrinkage the first time it is washed... about 4%. (Sometimes as much as 6%, but not enough to make a properly-fitted bonnet too small.) Hand washing will result in slightly less shrinkage. Using the dryer will cause your bonnet to fade and shrink, as with any 100% cotton fabrics. If you are worried about shrinkage or fading, please hand wash your bonnet and line dry it.

About ub2 Urban Baby Bonnets UB2 is a woman-owned company and all of our products are handmade in the USA, hand sewn by work-at-home women in Ohio. We are committed to domestic production, social equity, and environmental sustainability. You’ll see these commitments in our manufacturing practices, our support of work-at-home women, and in our use of organic fabrics and minimal, environmentally responsible packaging.

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